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HAZMAT Spill Response:  Environmental Clean-Up Services are Provided Soley for Spills of Petroleum-Based Vehicle Operating Fluids (Hydrocarbons)

Quick Action for Hazmat Spill Cleanup and Response in Plainfield, IL

Quick action is important in the event of a hazmat spill response in Plainfield, IL to prevent further spillage and damage. When hazardous chemical spills occur, they pose significant risks to people, animals, and the environment. Corrosive acids have the potential to ignite combustible materials if they come into contact with them. Burns to the skin and eyes may result from direct contact, and fumes may be harmful if inhaled.

When concentrated corrosive acids come into contact with other chemicals, they may exhibit a strong reaction with water or even produce toxic gases. The spill can be made more complicated if it occurs near an ignition source, is of significant size, or involves multiple acids at the same time. Highly toxic substances that are spilled in poorly ventilated areas pose a greater risk.

Characteristics of a Hazardous Spill

A hazardous spill cleanup in Plainfield and other states is handled according to the size of the spill, available sources, associated hazards of the released substance, and the responder’s level of competence.

Moreover, there are minor and major hazmat/chemical spills, and the differences are listed below:

Minor Hazmat Spill

  • Within our cleaning capabilities and resources.
  • Spilled a small amount of substance.
  • There is no inhalation risk.
  • There is no need for respiratory protection.
  • It is not harmful to the skin.
  • The spilled area is easily accessible.

Major Hazmat Spill

  • Beyond cleaning capabilities and resources.
  • Spilled a large amount of substance.
  • A highly dangerous substance.
  • Toxic vapor, dust, or gas is emitted.
  • Cleaning up poses a high risk to the responder.
  • Spilling into public areas and inaccessible areas.


During a major hazmat spill, never attempt to clean the spill beyond your level of expertise, instead, always call an expert for a proper and quick hazmat spill response in Plainfield, IL. Our team received extensive training for any minor or major hazmat spill cleanup. As a result, you can be confident that you can rely on us at GreenTech Spill Response in this unfortunate situation.

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