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HAZMAT Spill Response:  Environmental Clean-Up Services are Provided Soley for Spills of Petroleum-Based Vehicle Operating Fluids (Hydrocarbons)

Trusted Hazmat and Fuel Spill Clean Up in Naperville, IL

GreenTech Spill Response is one of the leading companies for hazmat cleanup in Naperville, IL, and as a top chemical spill cleanup company, we can service all of your hazardous material emergencies. Each emergency is handled with urgency, sensitivity, and professionalism by our highly trained and experienced team.

What should you do in the event of a spill? Here are some precautions you should take to avoid further exposure and damage or risk to you and the environment.

  1. Contact a Reliable Hazmat Company

    Hazardous materials are constantly moving along highways, rivers, and railways. Spills are almost unavoidable with so much activity. As a result, companies that handle these materials must have a prevention and hazmat emergency response plan in place.

    This is a situation that you cannot handle on your own. Contact an expert to properly clean up the spill and strictly adhere to the local, state, and federal emergency cleanup guidelines.
  2. Keep Your Distance From the Spill

    Anyone who is exposed to a hazmat spill faces a serious health risk. A spillage can be fatal in some circumstances, depending on the type of chemical involved. As a result, it’s essential to always ensure the safety of everyone in the area and to evacuate the premises.

  3. If You Are Knowledgeable, Take Primary Action

    If an identifiable spill occurs and is safe to approach and touch with proper protection, try to contain the spillage as much as possible according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. When handling hazardous substances, always wear the proper PPE and use the appropriate equipment. Even if it’s just a fuel spill cleanup in Naperville, PPE is required.

  4. Avoid Touching Anything

    It is critical that nothing that has come into contact with the spilled chemicals be disposed of in the normal waste. All dangerous substances, materials, and waste must be properly disposed of. We can safely and correctly remove this waste from the site because we are licensed waste carriers.

Keep these safety precautions in mind whenever you require hazmat cleanup in Naperville, IL. These will keep everyone safe and prevent further damage while you wait for your trusted and reliable emergency response company, such as GreenTech Spill Response.

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