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HAZMAT Spill Response:  Environmental Clean-Up Services are Provided Soley for Spills of Petroleum-Based Vehicle Operating Fluids (Hydrocarbons)

Hazardous Spill Response and Fuel Spill Cleanup in Bolingbrook, IL

We provide a hazardous spill response in Bolingbrook, IL at GreenTech Spill Response. A hazardous material spill is an uncontrolled release of a substance that may be harmful to animals, the environment, or humans.

So, if you see a hazardous material spill that could endanger people or cause a fire or other unfavorable circumstances, contact a reputable emergency spill response company immediately.

How Dangerous is a Hazardous Spill?

  • There is no definitive answer because the hazard level is determined by a variety of factors such as the properties of the actual chemical, the location of the spill, the amount of material spilled, the surface that received the spill, the adjacent area, and the temperature and ventilation of the area.

How to Prevent a Spill?

  • Avoiding a hazardous or fuel spill cleanup in Bolingbrook is the best way to deal with it. However, if these chemicals are considered necessary, always transport, handle, store, use, and dispose of hazardous chemicals or spills according to the proper procedures.
  • It is also critical that all workers on a job site are trained to recognize the hazards, as well as know the proper handling of each chemical they come into contact with, including the actions they must take if a spill occurs. They should also have access to each chemical’s Material Safety Data Sheet. Chemicals must be stored and transported properly as noted in the MSDS.
  • The workers should also wear personal property equipment to minimize the chance of injury. If necessary, the worksite should have materials for dealing with spills of the specific chemicals being used. This could range from a simple bag of absorbent material and paper towels to a more elaborate kit complete with special cleaning equipment and PPE.


A safety plan for emergency spill response in Joliet, IL should address the chemicals used on your job sites as well as what should be done in the event of a spill. The structure of that plan is determined by the specific chemicals being used, as well as how workers may come into contact with them.

Chemical spills can be mitigated by developing a thorough plan and implementing ongoing training to ensure that employees understand what to do and are prepared to respond.

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