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HAZMAT Spill Response:  Environmental Clean-Up Services are Provided Soley for Spills of Petroleum-Based Vehicle Operating Fluids (Hydrocarbons)

Reliable Hydraulic Oil and Hazmat Spill Cleanup

GreenTech Spill Response is a comprehensive hazmat spill response company based in Plainfield, IL. We specialize in the emergency response, containment, and hydraulic oil spill cleanup of hydrocarbon-based vehicle operating fluids. Our company provides emergency response all throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area but can be scheduled to remediate oil spills anywhere in the state of Illinois or Indiana.

Our Hazardous Materials Technicians and specialized equipment are on call around the clock. Most of our calls are in the (1) to (800) gallon range; however, as part of a larger response team, we can respond to larger-scale events. All hydrocarbon spills like diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, machine oil, motor oil, crude oil, kerosene, and food grease are contained, cleaned, remedied, packaged, and disposed of by our professional hazardous waste clean-up operation.

Our Background

Classic Towing has been a leading provider of light, medium, and heavy-duty towing and accident recovery for over 25 years. Because the towing industry is a recognized first responder with responsibilities such as spill cleanup and disposal at traffic accidents, it only made sense to expand our environmental clean-up capabilities.

GreenTech Spill Response was born as a result of a collaboration with ECS Chemicals. Our 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER-certified technicians now have the professional expertise and equipment to handle a wide range of hazmat cleanup situations. Our mission is to help reduce the environmental impact of hydrocarbon spills, with a focus on preventing stormwater runoff pollution.

Adherence to the Law

We strictly follow the law because various EPA regulations and both state and federal laws, such as the Clean Water Act, govern the discharge of pollutants into the environment. When hydrocarbons are released into the environment, the law requires them to be removed and disposed of in accordance with state regulations.

Our Commitment

Our top priorities are the environment and people’s safety and well-being. We constantly strive to provide professional and efficient hazmat and hydraulic oil spill cleanup solutions. We ensure that we have the necessary equipment and expertise to remediate the spill site. It is our job to minimize both the immediate environmental impact and any future environmental damage or injury to human health and safety.

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