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Sorbents for Oil Spills: The Best Types Materials for Cleanup

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We are aware that the earth can provide enough to satisfy every man’s needs. However, it can not sustain every man’s greed. It is our responsibility to care for the world we live in, not as a contributor to its destruction. Oil spills have been one of the factors that greatly impacted the environment, some of which made parts of the world uninhabitable for decades.

Oil spills, no matter how small or big they seem to be, need to be taken care of or remedied before they eventually turn into an irreversible catastrophe. If you want to lend a helping hand to spill cleanup companies in Plainfield, IL, here’s a heads-up to learn more about oil clean-up methods using types of sorbents used for clean-ups:

Oil Absorbent Booms
Oil or fuel spills in aquatic areas can be remedied with absorbent booms. This is a quick method to easily contain and remove small quantities of fuel or oil spills. There are various types of absorbent booms with different and unique purposes for specific cases. Either way, these booms are perfect for creating a barrier during spills and controlling the spread of the spill.

While most absorbent booms are white, some are gray which are designed for oil spills on land, and unlike the white ones, gray booms do not float. Yellow booms, on the other hand, are used for absorbing hazmat or highly toxic chemical spillages.

Spill Pads
If you are opting for a material as your method of clean-up during oil spills, you will find that absorbent spill pads are the best winner. These materials are cost-effective and possess versatility. This material is constructed so fine that it enables better absorption of up to 25%.

Absorbent Pillows
If you are working on oil spill sites that have nooks and crannies that are not easy to reach, spill pillows are the ideal material to resolve your concern. These materials are perfect under or corners of machines and other leaky areas or during oil spill remediation in Plainfield, IL. Pillows can be used for multiple purposes making them versatile in different situations.

Folded Sweeps
Like oil booms, folded sweeps float on water to absorb spills. Pair this material well with another and it becomes a durable clean-up material that can be used for heavy oils. This material is also capable of repelling water so it is not weighed down. You can leave folded sweeps for a longer time.

Oil Absorbent PomPoms
Like other clean-up materials, oil pom poms also stay afloat and absorb oil spills. Made out of thousands of thin strands of polypropylene intertwined to create absorbent properties, this material allows oil to be absorbed while effectively repelling water.

Oil Spill Kit
Though oil spill kits vary, each is designed for quick response to oil spills in varied situations. These kits always have hydrophobic absorbent materials for any type of emergency. Mainly, kits include disposable bags, goggles, oil pads, personal protective equipment (PPE), dustpan and polypropylene broom, absorbent socks, waste bags, booms, gloves, disposal containers, chemical spill kits, and more.


These are the materials you should familiarize yourself with if you made up your mind and decided to help the world we live in and save animals affected by the consequences of oil spills. Join hands with our spill cleanup company in Plainfield, IL. Call us, GreenTech Spill Response, at 630-392-6844 for more inquiries!

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