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Roadside Oil Spill Disasters: What to Do

roadside oil spill

Accidents happen, so they say. But not because they occur means that they are not totally unavoidable, and you can turn a blind eye to the consequences. Oil spills in history have impacted the environment for years and have become a growing major problem in some countries. Moreover, the impact and damage from these accidents depend on the amount of oil spilled. Roadside oil spills should not be ignored, even how small they seem to be.

No matter how small or large oil spills are on the road, it is vital to take an immediate course of action right away before the spill becomes another hazard. Contact a HAZMAT spill response company for any fuel spill cleanup in Bolingbrook. However, there are times when bystanders cannot help but offer a hand when oil spills should be contained before the response team arrives. Here are things you can do while help is on the way:

How to Deal With an Oil Spill

Helping around after a vehicular collision can be a great help, especially if people involved get injured. However, when you happen to discover an oil spill or leak from cars, you need to deal with it before it becomes a serious pollution hazard and threat to road users. You can do these simple tips:

  • Stop the Flow
    Road crashes are sources of roadside oil spills. Safely stop the oil flow or the source of the flow. However, make sure that you do not make contact with the oil. Wear protective gear when necessary. When leaks are present, say from leaking vehicles, contain the oil by placing a bucket under the area. Additionally, advise the driver not to drive the car anywhere to have it repaired.
  • Soak up the Oil
    When doing a road fuel spill clean-up in Bolingbrook, it becomes a critical period when the oil spill site is close to rivers, streams, or other bodies of water. You can soak up the oil spill with sandbags or earth to soak it in the ground. You can use products, such as oil solution products and absorbent powder if you have access to such.
  • Do Not Wash the Oil Away
    One thing you should never do is wash the oil away from the road. Most drains are connected to nearby water sources that may cause serious pollution. Moreover, water and oil are immiscible, making them a hazard if you wash them across the road.
  • Do Not Use Detergents
    Aside from not washing the oil spill, it is also advised not to use detergents during oil spill cleanup. This will only make the pollution and incidents worse. Oil and detergent combined is the perfect duo and a recipe for disaster.
  • Alert the Authorities
    In large-scale oil spills, contacting response companies might end up insufficient. During these disasters, every individual is needed to help prevent a more serious catastrophic dilemma. Large roadside oil spills can cause extreme danger to drivers, cyclists, and motorcyclists. You can put signs to caution drivers to drive slowly or reduce their speed.


These are the initial things you can do to help during roadside oil spill disasters. Do not hesitate to contact the best emergency response team, GreenTech Spill Response, for any hazardous spill response in Bolingbrook, IL, that involves highly toxic spills that endanger lives and the environment. Reach our team at 630-392-6844.

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