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Orphaned Wells After Oil Drilling: The Rising Environmental Hazards in America

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They say that it is easy to just sit back and turn a blind eye to everything wrong. But it takes strength and courage to stand up and make a difference. Abandoned oil and gas wells, also known as orphan wells, have been a huge national concern that has remained overlooked and ignored for decades. Fossil fuel companies responsible for plugging these health hazards into orphaned wells have been continuously called out, but no action has been taken to address the problem. 

If you are wondering why this is a rising environmental hazard in America now, orphaned wells are a source and leakage of methane and toxins that may go undetected for years until it becomes too late. It has irreversible impacts and effects on health, such as asthma, cancer, and premature birth. So, make a difference and do what is right. If there are oil spills in your area, call for an immediate fuel spill clean-up in Bolingbrook.

Here is what you should know about orphan wells:

Fossil fuel companies have drilled an estimated tens of millions of deep holes into the earth to extract natural gas and oil. On average, these wells have a life expectancy of 20 to 40 years. Yet these companies seek other locations where oil and gas are abundant to ensure more profit. Once these wells dry or run out of these profitable sources, these companies stop their operations, abandon the site, and move on to other places to drill more wells. 

In an estimation done in a recent investigation by Reuters, abandoned wells or orphan wells all over the United States reached a whopping 3.2 million. Believe it or not, this staggering number is only adding up as irresponsible companies continue to drill and abandon these wells. Due to the high cost of plugging these wells and some seeing it as a financial burden, they just ditch them as if nothing happened. 

If you are wondering what makes these wells a major health and environmental hazard in America, read on further! Nowadays, you can find these orphan wells in farmsteads, in the middle of the forest, in someone’s backyard, under some houses and sidewalks, and pretty much everywhere. For any signs of leakage, seek hazardous spill response in Bolingbrook, IL

These orphan wells leak. Authorities have estimated that about 280,000 metric tons of methane leak from these orphaned wells each year. That is equivalent to 16 million barrels of crude oil! Take note that methane is far more dangerous and toxic than carbon. It is an odorless gas that can seep into buildings, and when trapped or concentrated in an enclosed space, it can cause nausea, weakness, vomiting, and convulsions. Long-term exposure can lead to fatal methane poisoning. 

Methane does not only make people feel sick. It is also highly explosive. Moreover, other contaminants that have been undetected for years may leak into underground water sources, as well as toxins such as benzene, arsenic, and hydrogen sulfide. These contaminants and toxins can slowly poison the water and air and affect wildlife habitats. Presently, there are about 14 million people residing one mile from orphaned wells who are exposed to these health and environmental hazards. 

Be part of the solution!

The climate is rapidly changing due to the impacts of oil drilling’s post operations. We don’t get to choose to believe it or not, because it is happening! Let us be a part of the solution instead of being the ones who cause these hazards. Remember that small things matter. So, address anything detrimental to our environment and health by hastily seeking fuel spill clean-up in Bolingbrook. Or call us at 630-392-6844 to join our team here at GreenTech Spill Response.

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