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Causes of Oil Spills

environmental oil spill

What would you do when suddenly an oil spill occurs on your property, putting your life and other people’s lives in danger? The best and most effective way to survive this kind of situation is to call for professional and reliable oil spill remediation in Plainfield, IL, to aid you in solving the problem. With their help, rest assured that they will clean up the spill and reduce the risks that it can cause.

Causes of Oil Spill

Here are the common reasons why oil spills happen. Take note of them and strive to prevent any of them from happening to prevent oil spills from occurring.

1. Carelessness and Making Mistakes

One of the primary reasons for oil spills is carelessness or mistakes made by people. According to the authorities, the majority of the oil spill cases that happen are associated with human error, carelessness, and mistakes that could be controlled, avoided, and prevented. Oil spill cases are usually noted in areas like petroleum refineries, tankers, storage facilities, and pipelines.

2. Shipping Accidents

We know how the world has so many vessels navigating its waterways. Because of this, accidents involving small or large ships in bodies of water are inevitable. Once oil tankers are involved in accidents, it can have a devastating effect on the ocean, its inhabitants, and those who rely on the health of the ocean for their survival, such as fishermen.

Some of the shipping accidents that can happen in bodies of water are oil tankers leaking gallons of oil into the ocean due to defective parts, collisions, and bad weather.

3. Intentional Oil Discharges

Intentional oil discharges include the following regular activities, such as changing car oil. When you simply discharge the replaced oil into a drain or sewer system without following safety measures, there is a big possibility that a hazardous oil spill may happen. If you do not want professional diesel spill cleanup to suddenly be dispatched to where you are, make sure to always follow proper safety measures when intentionally discharging used oils.

4. Illegal Dumping of Oil and Other Petroleum Products

Most of the time, illegal dumping of oil does not count for oil spillages, but some people and industries just choose not to follow the right channels for dumping used oil and other petroleum products. Instead of following the right channels, they choose to dump or discharge the used oil in improper places, such as directly into bodies of water.

Another place where people and some industries dump used oils illegally is in inland areas, which eventually get washed into the water system by stormwater. Because of illegal dumping, continuous problems caused by oil spills keep occurring.

5. Explosions

A long time ago, an explosion at the site of an exploration well that was being changed into a production well caused the Gulf Coast oil spill. Oil spills that happen because of explosions in oil tankers can be very destructive and hazardous. This is because oil spills caused by explosions can cause small or massive oil leaks.



Now that you know some of the causes why destructive and hazardous oil spills happen, as a responsible and reliable citizen, strive to follow all the safety measures when handling petroleum products. This is to prevent oil spills from happening. But if uncontrollable situations occur and an oil spill takes place, the first thing you should do is call a professional, experienced, and trusted diesel spill cleanup company that can help you solve and fix the problem.

Do not hesitate to contact GreenTech Spill Response at 630-392-6844 when an oil spill occurs near you. Rest assured that with our tested, quality, and reliable services, we will do our best to lessen the possible risks of the oil spill.

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